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Atlanta Falcons can learn a thing or two from the Atlanta Hawks



Article Summary:

The Atlanta Hawks shocked the city of Atlanta with their playoff run, showing plenty of grit, heart, and determination, aspects that have been missing with the Atlanta Falcons since Super Bowl 51.

The Hawks were not supposed to make it as far as they did in the 2021 playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons could learn a lot from the young Hawks because there has been zero excitement in the city around the Atlanta Falcons for the last three years.

The Atlanta Falcons need to start having fun again

Watching the Atlanta Falcons for the last three losing seasons, one thing is clear: this team is not having a good time playing the game of football.

The Hawks have shown the city how excited they can get about a team when coached properly, and now it is Smith’s turn to turn the Atlanta Falcons around.

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