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2021 NBA Draft scouting report: Ariel Hukporti



Article Summary:

Here, Hukporti has the chair pulled from under him in the post and bounces the ball off of his foot and out to the perimeter:

Next, Hukporti finds himself on the right block, where he posts up, turns but his left-handed floater is missed:

His foot-work was decent here and he’s able to get himself into a good position but the finesse is lacking at times, and that’s one thing I would say about Hukporti overall is that he lacks an overall finesse right now.

As a help defender, Hukporti’s contributions can be a little inconsistent, such as this possession where he is a little slow to react on the out-of-bounds play on the rotation, leading to a basket:

Next, Hukporti is a little hesitant as the help defender, unsure whether to come or go and the outcome is a quality shot opportunity near the rim for the opposition:

On the pick-and-roll, Hukporti steps up to the perimeter and attempts to get a finger on the looping pass over his head as the pick-and-roll guard tracks back inside. Hukporti is, again, a little hesitant and probably should be a little more urgent in contesting Joffrey Lauvergne at the rim for the basket:

In transition off of the turnover, Hukporti again lacks a bit of urgency as he tracks back in transition before basically giving up on the play, which ends in a dunk:

Even if the ball hadn’t been passed to the dunker and gone for the layup himself, Hukporti had already given up on the play.

For now, Hukporti still has his ring in the hat for the NBA Draft but in combination with a slightly underwhelming season, ESPN’s Jonathon Givony noted that Hukporti’s showing at the NBA Draft Combine did not help his stock, highlighting Hukporti’s impressive physical attributes versus his raw skillset.

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