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2021 NBA Draft scouting report: Miles McBride



Article Summary:

Miles McBride played point guard at West Virginia but it’s hard to imagine him playing that position at the next level apart from him being put into a situation built around a creator at another position, ideally being a center or power forward through which most of the offense runs.

It’s important to note that McBride missed out on a decent amount of developmental opportunities as a younger player due to injuries and football being a significant priority for him.

However, McBride is competent and loves to use his dribble package to get to step back jumpers in the midrange:

And his work is pretty dynamic at times:

He’s going to need to accept leaning more on catch and shoot opportunities, at least until he might be able to develop some chances to work into some primary action likely to be on the weak side of the offensive floor. McBride is an active, impactful defender that shows up all over the court:

He’s going to be able to defend point guards likely as well as any rookie guard in the draft class:

And he’s a reliable and invested team defender:

He is exceptional at working over screens and staying attached to the ball handler:

His ability to break into a legitimate NBA rotation is likely to ride on whether or not he can use his size and strength to defend up a position or two on the wing.

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