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2021 NBA Draft scouting report: Tre Mann



Article Summary:

For Mann, it starts with his ability to create his shot by way of the pick and roll including a unique ability to punish defenders that choose to go under the screen:

And it’s not just the shot, it’s his dribble package and the way he operates and manipulates defenses with a set of nicely subtle techniques.

Here he manipulates both defenders put into the ball screen action:

He quickly diagnosis that the defenders haven’t worked out their coverage and uses a stronger crossover to cause his defender to run straight into the defensive big which creates a path for dribble penetration. He’s an advanced ball handler that knows how to manipulate defenders as to get to shots that he knocks down with consistency.

He’s an attentive and helpful team defender, in general:

He will have to really commit to consistently applying himself as a defender at the next level as to create sufficient two-way value.

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