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2021 NBA Draft scouting report: Usman Garuba



Article Summary:

What probably stands out the most are Garuba’s average of 3.8 shots a game and the fact Garuba totaled an astonishing 86 games on the season for Real Madrid which arguably isn’t the greatest of leading points when it comes to breaking down Garuba as a prospect.

On this defensive possession – Garuba’s first after checking into the game for the first time – he immediately shadows Nick Calathes on the full-court press, briefly displaying his comfort to switch as Calathes passes elsewhere:

Again, Garuba picks up deep in the opposing half, shadows the ball-handler to the sideline, gets a hand in to knock the ball away, dives to the floor, manages to claim the ball and gets the ball to a teammate to complete the steal:

One of Garuba’s most impressive physical traits is his speed/movement.

After missing the three-pointer, Garuba turbos back in transition and is able to prevent any notion of a transition basket before the turnover is committed:

On a switch off of the screen, Garuba sticks with the drive and the pass has to be made:

On the pick-and-roll switch, Garuba is able to get tight to the offensive player in the lane, perhaps deterring from making the lob-pass to the open Bryant Dunston.

Garuba showcases some of his athleticism again as he punches home the putback dunk on the offensive rebound:

This next clip was a nice play that Real Madrid would run a few times for Garuba but it basically starts with him setting an off-ball screen for another off-ball player and when the defense uses the second defender to cover for Garuba’s screen, Garuba cuts to the rim and the path is open for him to receive the ball and finish with the dunk:

Again, a similar play where Garuba seems as though he’s going to set the off-ball screen and then cuts to the rim.

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