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The Long Two: Are the Atlanta Hawks title contenders?



Article Summary:

With multiple secondary ball-handlers and off-ball weapons bookended by Young and rock-solid defensive anchor Clint Capela, Atlanta projects as a team with a high regular-season floor that can play multiple styles on both ends of the court. Even with Hunter at full strength, Reddish taking a step forward and steady progress from the rest of the team, Atlanta still may not be in Milwaukee and Brooklyn’s class, and could also be susceptible to regression in some areas – particularly on defense. The 36-year-old is past his prime as a scorer and athlete but remains one of the savviest team defenders in basketball and a semi-reliable shooter – though his accuracy from beyond the arc has varied from year to year. None of these teams will lean on Millsap as a defensive anchor or offensive focal point, but all would benefit from putting him in a role that allows him to complement better players around him.

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