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Cooper, Johnson flash potential in Hawks Summer League opener



Article Summary:

The end result doesn’t really matter a ton here, so today’s focus won’t be looking down through the stretch plays of a close game between the Hawks and Celtics but a look at the plays of Johnson and Cooper, who both produced solid displays on their unofficial Hawks debuts.

To start, Johnson drives from the perimeter, steps inside to his right, hangs, takes the contact and hits the shot inside:

Heading up the floor, Johnson is found in a pocket of space on the pass and Johnson attacks the rim, takes the contact and finishes at the rim:

That was a great drive by Johnson and you like to see the aggression but also the ability to finish through contact too.

Johnson looked to operate from the post on a few occasions yesterday and looked as though he was going to do so again here but turns it into a face-up jumper over the defender:

On one of the many drives from Cooper, Johnson makes the cut from the corner and is found by Cooper on the baseline. “Versatility-wise, defensively he’s shown the ability to post up versus the switch, got some points in transition.”

“He’s a great player,” added Cooper of Johnson.

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