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Atlanta’s conditioning a subject again as they fall in preseason in loss to Cavaliers



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Hunter played just under 26 minutes, Collins played 25 minutes, Reddish played 27 minutes and Dieng played 31 minutes. “I’ve got to play these guys into shape. Our conditioning is just not where it needs to be. I was trying to get some guys some minutes today but all of our guys need to play. Gorgui played more minutes, he needs to be in shape. Our entire team needs to be in shape…”

“Same thing with Kevin,” added McMillan when the minutes of Hunter were posed to him.

“There’s a difference playing 26 minutes and playing 26 minutes at the intensity that we were playing a couple of months ago,” said Kevin Huerter. “Playing with John, it’s a little different than our center normally plays. He’s a 5-man that can shoot the three so we’re allowing him to space whereas if Clint is in the game with John, Clint normally rolls. That takes some adjustment for our guys to figure that the five is spreading and the four is rolling. I thought he looked better, looked a little more comfortable tonight but we really have to work on our conditioning.”

Cooper didn’t make his first appearance of the game until the third quarter but when he did, he made his presence known.

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