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Lowe: Lakers? Warriors? Nets? Ranking the top 10 most fun NBA teams to watch this season



Article Summary:

9. New Orleans Pelicans

This is about one thing: Zion Williamson, an unprecedented melding of size and speed, has played 85 games in two seasons – leaving everyone wanting more.

On defense, you wonder: Does Williamson care? Are his shoes made of cement? Is he tired already? New Orleans will go nowhere until they cobble together a good defense, and that’s easier when everyone sees the franchise player giving a damn. He’s too good, too smart, and his habit of slowing down in traffic – the gambit that often draws contact – is a legitimate basketball play designed to survey the defense or coax it into some false step. Every possession will offer clues: What is Westbrook doing when LeBron James has the ball? Is he cutting? Is he setting picks for James? Can he weaponize his rebounding without compromising L.A.’s transition defense? Will we ever catch James forgetting cameras are always on him, and rolling his eyes as Westbrook misses his 13th consecutive jumper?

We’ll see how much Anthony Davis plays center, and how the Lakers manufacture points with Westbrook, James, Davis, and one of Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan on the floor.

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