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NBA 2K: Which Hawks’ players will see the highest rise in their ratings?



Article Summary:

The talk from players before every season now is what their 2K rating is, and whether they think it’s too high or too low, what some forget is that their rating will fluctuate as the season goes on.

End of season overall prediction: 81

Cam Reddish

Current rating: 76

Reddish is another player on the Hawks roster with a 76 overall rating, but he’s also a player that rating could be hard to decipher due to him missing most of the season last year.

End of season overall prediction: 80

Trae Young

Current rating: 89

When Young’s rating was released, many people were surprised that he wasn’t in the 90 overall group. Building on the success from last year will only help his rating rise, and I think if the team as a whole is successful, that could increase his rating.

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